From Zero To a $30,000 Month, Mid Pandemic
✅ Lose all your income overnight
✅ Create a new business in 30 days
✅ Make $30,000 your first month?!

Let’s talk about my badass mentee and friend Leanne Melody.

Earlier this year, I helped this chickadee create a “Flight Plan” for her 2020 business year...

She had clear goals to kick, timelines to meet and a whole host of amazing opportunities locked in for travel content campaigns with brands around the world ✈️🌴🎥. She was ready to SLAY.

Then: Pandemic 💣💥🤯

And poof, Leanne’s entire year was cancelled, including all of her income. You likely know this story: it probably reads like your 2020 (and mine!) 😱

Like all of us, Leanna mourned the loss of the 2020 that would no longer be.

And then... She put her big girl pants on.

Leanne signed on to be personally mentored by me to design and launch an entirely new business: online programs helping people get confident on video.

As part of our mentorship, Leanne spent hours learning from me about coaching and mentoring, sales psychology, client enrolment processes and creating a new business from her passion 📖 📚.

Within 30 days of launching her new program, Leanne made $30,000. Within 3 months, she had not only replaced her entire year’s income, she’d found a direction that felt even more joyful, fulfilling and exciting than her original pre-pandemic plans! She’s also about to move out, for the first time, into her dream place 🎉🙌🏻✨🔥🥳

I’m SO proud of what Leanne has accomplished and, most importantly, the next-level amazing woman she’s become(ing).

Leanne’s story is the perfect example of what happens when you refuse to give up, seek guidance from people who’ve walked the path and then put in the consistent, daily action to bring your goals to life.

She’s just celebrated her birthday, and wow, does she ever have a lot to celebrate! Congratulations on all your success Leanne and so much more to come. Cheers to you 🥂

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