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How to learn F.A.S.T
Some people stay stuck for a looooong time without progressing quickly to the next stage of life and business. Why? Because they don't know how to learn effectively. The best entrepreneurs are ones who are continually learning something new, applying it before it's perfect and then using that data to get clear on what really works. 

So... What are YOU missing to learn more efficiently? Jim Kwik says we need four main steps:

Forget | Forget everything you think you know. Your mind can only absorb new information when it is open. Even if you already know something about a concept we teach, go into each one and listen as if you didn't.

Active | Be an active listener. Repeat what you hear in the video. Follow along with the exercises, and actively participate in the entire program - the weekly check-ins, teaching, the calls, the practices, etc.

State | Learning is state dependent. If you are bored or distracted, you are going to have a harder time retaining and learning what we teach you here. Practice presence on all of our calls and all of the videos. Be in a clean, distraction free environment, and breath deeply as you focus on the lessons.

Teach | Learn with the intention of teaching in mind. This doesn't mean that you are going to turn around and teach something as soon as you learn it. You still need to practice it yourself first. But if you always learn with the intention of teaching you will learn much faster.

Which step are you missing?!
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