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Italian rooftops, heart break & 6 figures: rising from the ashes 
Hello from Naxos, Greece!

I don’t often talk about this anymore because I am “complete” with it… (Translation: I did the emotional work so I can now relate to my past relationship like it was an amazing breakfast I found a long, curly hair in… Unfortunate, but not emotionally charged.)

But sitting here on my ocean-front rooftop in Greece, watching the sunrise with a 180-degree volcano view, I’m transported back to one of my favourite moments of my life.  

And one of my most painful… Because it came right before the end.  

I was with my favourite person – my love and business partner. We’d arrived at our hole-in-the-wall walk-up, just below Mt Vesuvius, in the dark... And we'd woken up to the most spectacularly orange sunset we’d ever seen… From an amazing rooftop we didn’t know we had!

We were on a massive high.  

We’d just completed a rebrand we’d been working on for the better part of a year (power couple photos and all). We were about to launch a luxury self-development cruise we’d been working on for three months…  

We were young, free and in love on an Italian rooftop looking over a volcano! 

It felt like that sun came up just for us.  

In that moment we were so connected to ourselves, our dreams, each other, the universe… We felt an immense, deep sense of joy and knowing that we could have it all. And have it all together.  

A week later, without warning, he locked me out of the business with no explanation. 

It was the darkest month of my life.  

I was alone in Europe with clients who’d collectively paid half a million dollars to be there and I had no idea how to get out of bed, let alone rebuild my dream life and business alone. It felt truly impossible. 

But in the four years that followed that rooftop sunrise I have: 

· Taken more than 280 flights 
· Lived and worked remotely full-time
· Established a base in both Canada and Australia
· Run client events all over the world – Bali, Crete, Kauai, Queenstown…
· Been mentored by the world’s top business and self-development experts
· Inspired hundreds of people to follow rich, adventurous, aligned paths

What feels impossible for you now IS possible. I know this, because I’ve done it for myself and I watch my clients do it every single day.  

So… If you couldn’t fail, what would you REALLY want as the next level of your rich, adventurous life? Send us an email at I’d love to hear what you’re working on! 

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