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Success is Stamina
Building anything in life worth having takes… You guessed it: time.

Success isn’t about who is the smartest, or the fastest. In the game of life, success is a game of attrition with yourself and your mindset… Who will win? Your fear, self-doubt, desire for instant gratification? Or the piece of you that knows every beautiful house must have a foundation before it can have a roof?

When we’re building something, our desire for things to be easy, our wish to have it all now, our consistent thought of “can I wake up every day for the next 10 years and be excited about this?” overwhelms us. But you don’t have to wake up every day for the next 10 years; you only have to wake up today. And today again. And today again. Until 10 years has flown by you and you’re wishing for it back.

Who do you believe you will BE when you “make it” that you currently aren’t now? Is that why your success troubles you so deeply?

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