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What Being On The Bachelor Taught Me About Freedom
If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember my dramatic, 8-episode stint on The Bachelor Canada.
A good chunk of time has passed since my exit, so it always surprises me that people still recognize me - even in the most random places, like an H&M in Australia, a bar in Greece or a cafe in Bali?!

But every time, people ask me the same question:

Would you do it again? Short answer - yes.

But not for reasons you might expect.

My lifestyle and my business are built on having freedom (time, money, location) - and teaching other professionals and entrepreneurs to do the same.

Bach was as opposite as you could get to my life of freedom.... Even though we travelled to a few countries to film, I hadn’t flown less or stayed still more than I did during the show, for over 5 years.

Everything was regulated: where I could go, when I could sleep, what I could eat, who I could speak to. All distraction was removed from my life: no phone, laptop, books, TV, music, friends, family... A lot of time to hurry up and wait, with just my thoughts.

I went into filming with some very specific goals that had nothing to do with love or TV... Goals to practise authenticity, vulnerability and staying centred in the face of one of the most bizarre and psychologically challenging scenarios imaginable.

So I woke up every day with a single-minded focused: connect with myself so deeply that no one could shake what I knew to be true about myself. That meant finding, and sitting into, my most optimal “being.”

*I started each day meditating on my powerful qualities
*I ran through gratitude lists in my head
*I envisioned the emotional experience I wanted to have. When I was low, I pictured the people I love, laughing... And me laughing with them
*I worked out (even when that meant laps around with pool with no music...)
*I kept my focus internal, even when others pushed me outwards

I found myself in a perpetual flow state I’m not quite sure how to describe. I slept like a baby the whole show. My emotion was authentic and vulnerable, but I was also SO clear on the facts vs the emotional stories we make up about what’s happening, that it almost felt like I was watching myself, in the show, while it was being filmed. I had a powerful separation from my thoughts (the purpose of meditation).

The best I can come up with to describe it is this...

That moment, at minute 45 of a 90-min hot yoga class, when it’s 42 degrees C, your water is gone and you think you’re literally going to die.... And something just... clicks. You suddenly find your mind and body are so grounded that you’re capable of absolutely anything. You’re less worried about your environment, your circumstances and your external world - and 100% focused on your power whirling around you, like the calm eye in the chaos of a storm.

You know who you are.
You know why you’re here.
And you know you’ve got it, whatever it is.

I’d never felt so safe, so secure in myself and so clear as I did during that experience. It opened an energetic flood gate for me in my life. And THAT was what I took away… Not fame, followers or even love. But the next level of my own freedom.
People believe freedom means coming and going as you please, having no one to answer to and no structure to your life.... The opposite is true.

True freedom is the ability to create flow inside of structure, boundaries and rules. Boundaries and structure are the companion and enabler of freedom... Not its enemy.

I may not have had choice or freedom in my physical environment, but I had 100% freedom in my mind; I realised I got to choose what I wished to believe about myself, my experience and others around me. A “container” like The Bachelor (ie a set of boundaries, rules and structures holding you) is just one example of a place I learned to be completely in flow, despite my circumstances.

So you can wish for the “freedom” to escape many of life’s necessary trials, tribulations and tasks (and still never feel fulfilled, because trials are part of the human experience and you’ll never be able to avoid discomfort completely!).
OR... You can finally created the routines, systems, structures, boundaries and awareness you need to get into flow and actually BE FREE.

The choice is yours.

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See you there!

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