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Why Indecision IS a Decision
I used to wrestle a lot with making choices...

Big ones, small ones, you name it... I agonized over them.

I still remember this time in the home decor store at Christmas one year, staring at an entire wall of Santa dolls in different outfits… Literally 20 different ones, thinking “how the FUCK do I know if I want the white-robed Santa that 100% matches my decor, the Santa with the cool sled, the Santa holding a chopped tree (nice burst of green in my white home, right?!), the Santa that looks happy… Or the one that looks more serious?!!??!”

I stared at them for 20 mins, taking one after the other in and out of my cart…

Then, I got so stressed I left the store without buying one at all!

I kid you not.

I used to agonize over my choices, including a silly Santa doll, because I didn’t trust myself to make the “right” choice.

Like what if I choose THIS Santa, then I get home and wish I’d chosen THAT Santa!?

The same thing happened in my life and business:
How do I know if I wanna go to this country in April or that country?
What if I say yes to this, then can’t do that other cool thing that shows up?
What if I hire this person, then wish I hired that other person?!?!
What if I choose this logo then want that logo?
What if every choice I make is WRONG AF?

I hated making choices so much, for fear of making the wrong one, that I just wouldn’t choose!

I would avoid the thing all together...

I didn’t realize that when you refuse to choose for long enough, you’re actually choosing… By not choosing.

That’s where you feel like the victim in your own life. Like it’s all out of control and you don’t know how to fix it. Because you didn’t really choose it, but whatever it is… It’s now happening TO you!

Instead of empowering the choice, running with it and making it a success no matter what, you end up wasting time, energy and money stuck in indecision.

Learning to get aligned with what you want most, make a powerful choice, then empower it by taking action to it and learning to trust you can powerfully pivot - even if it’s not working out - is one of the most important lessons, no matter whether you’re agonizing over a Santa doll, choosing a niche for your new business or investing $500,000/year to hire your first CEO.


Sometimes you just have to CHOOSE...

And trust that even if it’s the “wrong” choice, it will all be just fine.

Where do you need to make a choice and trust that even the “wrong” choice can turn out “right” if you’re willing to give it a real go?

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