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What Being On The Bachelor Taught Me About Freedom
If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember my dramatic, 8-episode stint on The Bachelor Canada.
A good chunk of time has passed since my exit, so it always surprises me that people still recognize me - even in the most random places, like an H&M in Australia, a bar in Greece or a cafe in Bali?! 

Why Indecision IS a Decision
I used to wrestle a lot with making choices...

Big ones, small ones, you name it... I agonized over them.

I still remember this time in the home decor store at Christmas one year, staring at an entire wall of Santa dolls in different outfits… Literally 20 different ones, thinking “how the FUCK do I know if I want the white-robed Santa that 100% matches my decor, the Santa with the cool sled, the Santa holding a chopped tree (nice burst of green in my white home, right?!), the Santa that looks happy… Or the one that looks more serious?!!??!”

Italian rooftops, heart break & 6 figures: rising from the ashes 
Hello from Naxos, Greece!

I don’t often talk about this anymore because I am “complete” with it… (Translation: I did the emotional work so I can now relate to my past relationship like it was an amazing breakfast I found a long, curly hair in… Unfortunate, but not emotionally charged.)

 The surprising truth about HYPER successful people
(And why you're closer than you think!)
Every day, for more than 6 years, I traveled all over the world with multi-millionaire clients. And I learned one surprising truth:
Whether they were celebrities, media moguls or business owners…

They were ALL just like you! With a few special ingredients…

31 Life Lessons from Space
Imagine celebrating your birthday from SPACE.

Or, at least, as close as most humans will ever get…

Watching the almost-microscopic lights of Qatar glitter 35,000 ft below you outside the plane window, stars above you, as if you’re actually inside the milky way.

How to learn F.A.S.T
Some people stay stuck for a looooong time without progressing quickly to the next stage of life and business. Why? Because they don't know how to learn effectively. The best entrepreneurs are ones who are continually learning something new, applying it before it's perfect and then using that data to get clear on what really works. 

So... What are YOU missing to learn more efficiently? Jim Kwik says we need four main steps:

Are you smiling because you’re happy... 
Or happy because you’re smiling?!
When we smile - even if we’re in a bad mood - using those muscles sends signals to the brain... And before we know it, all those little guys up there are running around screaming “Oh shit she’s happy! Quick people... Hit the happy button and release the happy hormones!”

Imagination VS. Knowledge
Every little girl has imagined herself as a Disney princess, so when I received this beautiful drawing of me “Disney-ed,” I was particularly stoked. I was also hit with an important realization:
Jen captured what I can only describe as a magnetic sense of delight - the radiating joy I experience when something I bring something I imagined into real life.

What do you want to create in your life?
What do you want to create in your life?
This is a great question if you're feeling stuck, stagnant or at the cross-roads of a big decision.
Do you want to adventure and wander? Do you want to have a lovely family and a job you enjoy going to every day? Should you take that new job or start that new business? Do you want to change the world? Should you move to a new city? What experience do you want to have of your life? And where the hell do you even start?! 

Success is Stamina
Building anything in life worth having takes… You guessed it: time.
Success isn’t about who is the smartest, or the fastest. In the game of life, success is a game of attrition with yourself and your mindset… Who will win? Your fear, self-doubt, desire for instant gratification? Or the piece of you that knows every beautiful house must have a foundation before it can have a roof?

From Zero To a $30,000 Month, Mid Pandemic
✅ Lose all your income overnight 
✅ Create a new business in 30 days
✅ Make $30,000 your first month?!
Let’s talk about my badass mentee and friend Leanne Melody.
Earlier this year, I helped this chickadee create a “Flight Plan” for her 2020 business year...
She had clear goals to kick, timelines to meet and a whole host of amazing opportunities locked in for travel content campaigns with brands around the world ✈️🌴🎥. She was ready to SLAY.

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