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  Get UNSTUCK, clear on your vision & set a tangible plan for how to get there
  Wake up with a sense of direction and purpose, knowing exactly what to do each day  
  Silence the little voices asking if this is really possible for you & get back into action to your goals
  Build confidence through bite-sized daily micro actions that add up to massive results
  Free up the time & energy to take action to your vision AND have more fun
  Create a community of like-minded people on the path to fulfilment
  Build an unbreakable mindset to be a leader in your life and career in uncertainty
What people say about our methods...
Jane Guy, Blogger @Queenstownlife
"I've been a business owner for eight years and was ready to throw in the towel. I was overwhelmed with to-dos, not seeing adequate money coming in for the huge amount of time and effort I was putting in and losing faith in myself. I was ready to bail on entrepreneurship. 

That's when I met Kait and her team...  And... A pandemic hit! Due to lockdowns in New Zealand, my travel blogging business evaported. I felt hopeless and helpless. 

With Kait's guidance, I created a new plan that didn't require the pandemic to end before I could earn a good income and do fulfilling work.  Now, I've not only built a deep sense of belief in my own abilities, I've also created a podcast that's hit Top 10 on iTunes in NZ,  quit my day job  and am regularly exceeding my $5k/month income target. This month, I earned $11,000!!!

Initially, I had a lot of guilt about spending so much money on myself. Now, I only wish I had done it sooner! Kait is a miracle worker and everyone needs her in their lives.

Rhonda Norman, Show Plate Productions
In January 2020, I hired Kait to help me get direction and a plan for the future. I was a DOer, but without direction or a sense of what would make me truly happy in my life and business. I was lost, fearful of not achieving enough and overwhelmed by comparing myself to others

When I hired Kait, I thought we'd just be talking about my business. I had no idea the real journey was less about hard skills and more about growing myself - my mindset and willingness to be vulnerable and personal with people instead of always being "professional" and saying "I'm fine." These mindset shifts have been my saving grace, especially since COVID stopped my industry in its tracks and all my work was cancelled or postponed. 

Throughout a global pandemic, I've been surrounded by Kait, her team and a group of women who lift me up. I've found my people and a sense of belonging. All the success and clarity I've found for my path in business are just icing on top. I now know what fulfills me and how to achieve it. I'm so grateful for Kait's guidance. 

Dianna Schinella, Sales Director APAC
When I met Kait, I was 2 years into a role with consistent 60+ hour weeks. I had no time for friends, family or even selfcare

I love my work, but there was no end to my stress in sight.
I was so overwhelmed I didn't even know how I'd make time to invest in learning to make more time (oh the irony)!

With Kait’s support, I put strong boundaries in place with myself and others. The changes her and the team helped me make gave me 10 hours/week of my life back: that's 44 DAYS A YEAR I now spend doing what I love, with people I love, instead of grinding.

I feel a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities (and physical appearance), more energy, better productivity and am enjoying my life again. I am literally a different person now. 

Tamara Kobiolke, Numinous 
Thanks to coaching with Kait through 2019, my luxury travel representation company was soaring into 2020 with a stunning collection of clients, unbelievable financial results, a new office and even hiring new staff!

Then Covid hit. Wow! I went into a spiral of doubt and depression, all my clients and contracts immediately delayed or cancelled as travel shut down.

With help from Kait and her team, I had all the tools to pick myself up from a dip into depression, grieving for the year that should have been. My work with The Rich Coach team gave me the confidence to go to market with a full rebrand and relaunch of my company, targeting the domestic market. Since then, I've successfully taken on new domestic clients and have seen an influx in international enquiries for 2021 and beyond. 

I'm so grateful for Kait and her genuine care to see past my tears (they were like a waterfall) into my future potential; she made me see it too! My business is on track to come out even stronger than before the pandemic.

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