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The Rich Life you've always wanted can happen in a moment...
Are you ready for NOW to be your time?
If you've ever thought to yourself...
- I can't do this anymore!

- I want something new and next level but I'm scared...

- I don't even know what I want, I just know it's not this.

- I know what I want, but I'm nervous to take the plunge

- I SHOULD be happy... But is this really all there is?!

- I've tried to make a change but it doesn't work

- If I only had the time, money, energy or freedom, things would be different...

This is where it all becomes possible...
Thursday August 22nd from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm @ Fort Tectoria, Victoria, BC
At Your Rich Life, you'll discover how to...
- Assess where you're currently at and what shifts need to happen

- Create a powerful vision for the rich life and career of your dreams

- Reverse-engineer your vision into a step-by-step road map to success

- Align your daily actions with your goals so you can SOAR

- Continue elevating yourself to freedom & ease beyond the workshop

What people are saying...
"I wasn’t initially sure if this was right for me as I didn’t yet have my own business and the goals I needed help with weren’t only business-related. At the beginning, I was in a place of existential dread, with no idea where to go next, mid career-change. I now have so much more confidence in my direction and am making progress to my goals! Kait has been a considerable part of this change in my life. I was surprised someone could be such a great mentor and so real about her own experiences; Kait leads in a human way that I trust. If you’re ready to create a more fulfilling life, I highly recommend Kait. She will empower you and give you the tools to look at your fears, address them and overcome them to create what you really want. Since working with Kait, my relationships especially have improved significantly and this really contributes to my sense of fulfillment. Thank you with all my heart Kait!" - Karen B, Freelancer, Newfoundland, Canada
“I’d had one coaching session before I met Kait and was skeptical about coaching in general as the process left me feeling like the subject of a play book. However, Kait realized early on that an unconventional approach would work best with my particular needs and she was  flexible in her approach. The benefit was huge! What I loved most about working with Kait was her ability to dig deeper into the core challenges I was confronting. She was supportive, but also unrelenting in her desire to help me make the changes I was seeking. My self understanding and self care have both improved significantly since working with Kait and that impacts both my work and my daily life. I’d recommend Kait because I’m confident she’ll have a positive impact on just about anyone who is receptive; she’s focused, capable and also kind. If you’re on the fence, go for it. Give it a shot. You’re worthy.” - Colin H, Strategic Leadership & Growth Advisor, BC, Canada

"As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I didn’t have a lot of role models for balancing life and career. Since joining the program, I’ve learned to trust my choices, put what I want and need above others’ demands on my time, not over-commit myself and be decisive about what I do/don’t want. I’m more confident, in control and less likely to get swept up with my circumstances. Before working with Kait, I never realized just how influential anxiety was in my life. I was a 9/10 on overwhelmed. Now, I recover faster from bad days and regroup instead of spiraling into overwhelm and I’m about a 2/10. I have the structures and habits to be healthy and enjoy my life. I would recommend Kait and her programs to everyone; investing the time and money compels you to make change happen. When you release control, you get great results having Kait, an experienced leader, in your life. No amount of reading self-development books can ever create this kind of change." 
- Dr. Kate L, Medical Industry, Brisbane, AU
“Working with Kait has been a divine awakening. She helped me find and refine my purpose, far beyond my desire to make 6-figures. I knew I wanted more, but I couldn’t articulate what… And I had no idea how to get there! I now have goals I didn’t even know I wanted and confidence to make them happen. I have a LOT less anxiety, the fog has lifted and I can finally SEE! Kait is a muse…Someone I admire and am inspired by. She has, and continues to, invest in her own self growth. She practices what preaches, is deeply spiritual, but with a grounded, pragmatic, logical foundation. There is method to her madness; it’s legit!” - Corrin S, Creative Entrepreneur, BC, Canada
“When I was younger I had an entrepreneurial spirit, but the busyness of being a mother always trumped my desire for business success. Now, at 53, my daughters are grown up and it’s MY time, but the fear of not being young enough, smart enough or good enough to achieve my dreams set in. Saying YES to working with Kait has given me confidence to move forward to MY goals. It’s the best decision I could’ve made. Kait challenges me, in such a compassionate and caring way, to do things I never thought I could… And I now believe I can. I was worried I wouldn’t be up for massive change, but instead it’s been slow and steady growth, through small changes that add up quickly. My outlook on my life has become so much more positive and exciting. I recommend Kait to anyone interested in finally having the life they only dream about now… With Kait’s knowledgeable teachings, it’s all possible. If I can do it at 53, so can you! Don’t let fear, age, finances or any other hurdle stop you from saying YES, because Kait’s the person who can help you get where you want to go.” - Marsha Warner, Travel Entrepreneur, Alaska USA
Get To Know Kait... The Rich Coach
Kait Rich teaches entrepreneurs and professionals to finally have the rich, adventurous, flexible lifestyles, financial freedom and high-level impact they’ve always wanted, without working harder and missing out on a rich LIFE. 

The Rich Coach is a recovering digital nomad, who has worked in 
20+ countries, supporting over 1500 CEOs, business owners and professionals to see their world through a new lens.

Kait holds an MA in Interpersonal Communications and also attended the world’s most immersive coach-training program in California. She's received over $170,000 in academic awards and has studied under the world's most renowned professional development and business experts. 

Kait's also written, spoken or been featured on: The Bachelor Canada, The ABC Australia, The Courier Mail, The Sunday Mail, CTV News, CFAX 1070 & Kool FM, W Network & Shaw TV - as well as being the Platinum Sponsor for The Travel Bootcamp 2019.

The Rich Coach has been remote for the better part of a decade and splits her time between her Victoria, Canada, her adopted home, Sydney, Australia and wherever else she is called.

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